Lighting Audits

The first step to energy savings is knowing what you have currently. Contact LED Lighting Solutions and we will schedule a free lighting audit of your facilities which is essential to proper planning. During this on site survey, we will discuss your current lighting to ensure we provide the best options for your needs.


After the survey of your facility, we will provide a detailed estimate of the products and installations we recommend. (Estimates can take longer to provide for any custom project or normal LED upgrades that may require a specialty LED).


If your company choses us for your LED upgrade, we will assist you in applying for power company/municipality rebates. This process can be very trying at times, and our team will help you receive any qualified rebates available.


Once we have a scheduled delivery of your new lighting, we will coordinate with you and our install team to ensure the installation of your LED package is done in a timely manner. Our goal is to have a smooth transition without interfering with business operations. On installs outside of Arizona, we partner with local electricians throughout the country to ensure your product is installed to our standards. On big projects, we will assign one of our Lead Technicians to be onsite during installation.


If you have your own install team or would like to just purchase a few lights, contact us and we can assist you with your needs.

Custom Projects/Lighting Design and Controls

Custom projects or lighting designs from scratch can be overwhelming at times. Let us know your thoughts and ideas and our team can assist you with these projects. 


We believe warranty should never be complicated. Our team will assist you with any concerns or questions you have with warranty. Click on the warranty tab and fill out the warranty form to move forward with a warranty claim. (NEVER THROW AWAY A FAILED LIGHT. THE MANUFACTURER WILL REQUEST THE FAILED ITEM BACK TO BE ABLE TO QUALIFY FOR WARRANTY!)


We want to take the fear away when making a big step to LED’s. When partnering with us, we will provide a level of service, from start to finish, that will put you at ease during the transition. Upgrading to LED’s should not be stressful!