About Us


has been at the forefront of LED technology while it was emerging as a viable option for practical application lighting. In February of 2009, LED Lighting Solutions became the first Distributor for Seesmart LED out of Simi Valley, CA. Having a great working relationship with Seesmart, which is now known as Revolution Lighting Technologies (RVLT) was important for growth and long term stability. This allows for any lighting project to be addressed no matter how big or small. RVLT provides LED Lighting Solutions with a wide product range of LED lighting products for both commercial and residential applications. Products available range from tube lights, high power bulbs, spotlights, household lights, PAR/BR lights, flexible strips, floods, industrial high bays to parking lot lights. Because the products are engineered to maintain existing infrastructure, or new build construction, the transition to LED lighting is simple and cost effective.


Kevin Williams

Kevin was an automotive technician for Ford for 11 years. During the end of his tenure, he started an LED business customizing vehicles. That business grew and he found himself being asked to customize homes and businesses. During that time he met Joe Palmer, grew a partnership with LED Lighting Solutions, and left the dealership to expand that business. He has been married to his high school sweetheart Leanne for over 17 years and loves to spend time with her and their 3 kids. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano and watching the St. Louis Cardinals play. He also coached youth football for 11 seasons. During the 2012 and 2013 seasons, he coached 4th and 5th graders to a 21-0 record and winning the league city championship in back to back seasons.


Jennifer Palmer

Jen’s father gave her the spark for being an entrepreneur early on and she has been running some kind of a business since she was twelve. She learned bookkeeping and other necessary business skills that would prepare her for opportunities that would present themselves. In 2008 she was blessed with the opportunity to meet with owners of a new LED manufacturing company out of California and LED Lighting Solutions was born. She worked hand in hand with her husband Joe building their electrical contracting business and then the LED lighting distribution and sales company. She enjoys spending time with her family, playing the piano, canoeing and farming.


Joseph Palmer

Fascinated by electricity Joe found his passion in “flipping the switch” after several jobs that prepared him for the business world. The best part of the day is turning the power on and seeing everything lit up and powered up. Joe is owner operator of Palmer & Son’s, LLC electrical contracting in Arizona and has worked with business owners across the state powering up their equipment and lighting up their facilities. He is a proud father of 7 children and enjoys spending time with his family. He loves biking, hiking and exploring and has participated in boy scouts for over 25 years. He enjoys fast cars and a night out on the town with his wife of over 23 years.


Jared Palmer

Jared is the first-born son of Joe and like his father; Jared has a passion for lighting and is a licensed Pyro Technician. He enjoys wowing the crowds on weekends with fireworks shows. Being fluent in Spanish makes it easier for him to travel the nation during the week to upgrade the lighting to LED’s for the clients of LED Lighting Solutions. Jared is customer service driven and loves to see a smile on the customer’s face. He is married and enjoys when his wife Ashlee can come along in his travels.


Julia Elder

Julia joined the LED Lighting Solutions team 9 years ago and with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Business Management, she keeps the paperwork and organization flowing in the office. She has enjoyed learning more about the lighting industry and has loved helping the team grow the contracting and LED business. Originally from Idaho, Julia has lived in Arizona for 12 years now. She endures the scorching summers because she loves Arizona winters. Julia is the proud Mother of 4 children, who keep her busy and happy. In her local church, she heads up the girls youth program and loves spending time on a weekly basis with them. In her free time, Julia enjoys hiking, running, volleyball, board games, traveling and spending time with her family