About Us

LED Lighting Solutions has been at the forefront of LED technology while it was emerging as a viable option for practical application lighting. Jennifer Palmer, owner of LED Lighting Solutions, took a great interest in LED Lighting as a way to offer sound lighting options to many of her clients as a co-owner of Palmer & Son’s, LLC. Palmer & Son’s LLC is co-owned with her husband, Joseph Palmer, who is a licensed electrician in the State of Arizona.

In February of 2009, LED Lighting Solutions became the first Distributor for Seesmart LED out of Simi Valley, CA. They have a great working relationship with Seesmart that has allowed them to grow together as Seesmart has expanded production and availability of other high quality, branded products.

LED Lighting Solutions offers a wide product range of LED lighting products for both commercial and residential applications. Products available from LED Lighting Solutions range from tube lights, high power bulbs, spotlights, household lights, PAR/Flood lights, flexible strips, industrial high bays to LED Modules. Because the products are engineered to maintain existing infrastructure, the transition from fluorescents or incandescent lighting to LED lighting is simple and cost effective.

With Joseph’s expertise in lighting and over 20 years in the construction industry, LED Lighting Solutions can offer solutions that will work. Their turnkey packages include installation and return on investment that will show your savings. Let us shed some light on your energy savings!